Texen helps develop the Gua Sha trend

Texen helps develop the Gua Sha trend

Texen has embraced Gua Sha, keeping pace with the latest beauty routines and trends through a comprehensive collection of massage accessories with various shapes and made from a range of stones. It combines perfectly with the new line of suede pouches that can be customized to its shapes and colors. These two new additions complete the Be Green collection.

Gua Sha is an Asian ritual now taking the West by storm with solid arguments attesting to its effectiveness. The accessories promote lymphatic drainage, improve blood circulation and help stimulate collagen and elastin. They also enable better absorption of skincare products, multiplying their effectiveness. The skin is drained, leaving it supple and refined.

Gua Sha roll-ons and massaging stones have become indispensable in new beauty routines. Brands can offer these accessories as an accompaniment to skincare products or stand-alone sales products personalized with their signature.

Gua Sha by Texen

This collection of massage tools expresses all the virtues of lithotherapy. The stones used are shungite (black), jade (green) and quartz (pink). Each of these is associated with specific properties such as calm, relaxation and rest). Each unit requires extensive work to cut and polish the particularly delicate natural stone.

Texen’s standard collection comprises various models, roll-ons and massaging stones, shaped to fit areas of the face (cheeks, chin, eye contours). Brands can naturally develop their own custom shapes and choose their decoration: engraving, silkscreen printing, hot stamping. Texen is also offering brands suede pouches made from RPET from its new collection to protect these accessories and make them easier to use on-the-go.


Gua Sha