Texen Beauty Partners develops a collection made entirely from cardboard

Texen Beauty Partners develops a collection made entirely from cardboard

After several successful launches in this area, Texen Beauty Partners is launching a skincare and makeup packaging collection made entirely from cardboard. The palettes, compacts and stick formats, including lipstick, in the range combine charming esthetics with the benefits of eco-design.

This innovative offer is built from Texen’s mission to transform virtuous materials into positive experiences. An alternative solution made from FSC-certified cardboard, the products guarantee everything expected of packaging: protection, solidity and design…

Cardboard: a sure value

With strong green credentials thanks to its weight and recyclability, the card used is thick enough to guarantee solidity and hold. Easy to shape, it is also suitable for all types of decoration. With no need for tooling, it is a champion when it comes to flexibility of development and short production runs. It responds to the trend of the moment for products that are both minimal and premium.

For this collection, Texen has developed a palette for the eyes with a sliding closure and three wells for different shades, a stick designed for solid formulas (masks, facial cleansers and deodorants, for example) with a push-up system, two premium compacts with mirrors, including one with space for an applicator underneath the compact powder, and a lipstick that can be refilled thanks to a simple clip fitting. The entirety of the collection can be easily personalized both in its design and décor.


Cardboard collection