Take a Beauty Break – Women’s day is everyday

Women’s day is everyday


Honoring bold and fabulous Iris APFEL!


Iris APFEL in collaboration with Ciaté London 2022


The Fashion and Beauty icon Iris APFEL passed away 1st March 24 at 102 years old, leaving behind a gigantic influence over the fashion and beauty industry. Her latest first-ever cosmetics collection in collaboration with Ciaté is proof that Miss Iris APFEL is and will always be an inspiration to all of us, and that it is never too late to show who you really are. APFEL said: “You’ve got to try it. You’ve only got one trip, you have to remember that.” Leaving behind a strong representation of personalization, uniqueness and daring, bold looks, a trend that 40% of consumers claim to be using on their day-to-day makeup looks.
Source: Ciaté London



To celebrate Women, we need to know them first!


       Selena Gomez on Instagram promoting her new Rare Beauty Tinted Moisturizer


Women & Social Media: 75% of women aged 55+ use social media, with Facebook and Youtube being the go-to platforms for beauty tips.
Women & Convenience: 65% of South Koreans agree that they are prepared to pay more for things that make their life easier.
Women & Beauty Habits: 69% of female makeup buyers are most interested in hydrating claims when choosing a face makeup.
This last claim is shown by the rise of tinted moisturizers launches from beauty brands and their huge success on social media.
Source: MINTEL


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Let your soul glow 🧘

Following the trends and data regarding women and consumers in general, we realized that providing a solution for a routine with a simple gesture was inevitable. Skincare, haircare and makeup are essential, but what about wellbeing?
As a packaging solution provider, we brainstormed to see how we could satisfy our clients into pleasing their customers and their Aura, and here’s what we came with:




Discover The Aura Collection


Aura translates a holistic approach to makeup, skincare and haircare. It expresses both the sensation offered to consumers with representations of colors and chakras, soft touch packaging, and the practicality of uses with dip in and top applicators.
The Aura products target all areas of the face (lips, chin, eyes, brows) up to the scalp, an emerging trend.
The formats vary from 8 to 15 ml and the types of applicators adapt to the formula: foam, silicone, brush, injected brush or synthetic fibers.


How to use tutorial




Shake & Go

New innovative fun and awesome gesture for your lips & cheeks? Say no more.
The Shake and Go is our new applicator. With an integrated shaker inside the bottle that allows the distribution but also the mixing of the formula, this fresh innovation is going to blow your mind. Practical for lips and cheeks, fun to use and better for your formula, this is a MUST on your catalog.





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